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Share your details with us to connect with our most trusted financial advisor. We help you in saving and investment plans to save some for specific financial goals.

Our Goal

It all started with just three people

Our goal is to offer best insurance solutions that can also be used to provide financial support in the event of an accident, permanent disability, or other events that could cause income loss.

Yiploo Insurance aims to be India's most loved life insurance company by helping our customers secure their financial future. We are a transparent life insurance company that is committed to doing the right thing. We have been offering life insurance solutions for many years that cover all aspects of people's lives - including protection, retirement, savings, investments, annuity, and health. This covers the three main risks: mortality, morbidity, and longevity. Our proper goal is to protect people's lives through sound financial products. We are recognized for our highest professional standards. For the benefit of our customers, our advisors and employees will have superior knowledge and skill.

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Who We Are?

Yiploo is the top insurance company of India and our purpose is to eliminate uncertainty from our customers' lives. Our goal is to create simple, relevant products and proposals that help customers reach their goals. Through our digital innovations, we aim to offer the best customer experience and highest level of service.

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Our Vision

We have a vision as a strong socially-relevant business that helps people to help them save their futures, plan for retirement and protect what is most important to them. We have a vision to become the most admired life insurance company of India.

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Our Values

We care for you by truly listening to you. We are committed to stand up for your beliefs and act as an agent for change. We help you strongly together as a big one community and honor relationships. We work with confidence to be imaginative and innovative as humility is a virtue.

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