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Why do you need life Insurance?

Life Insurance policies provide an exact amount for the event that the life insured passes away during the period of the policy, or is disabled due to an accident.


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Stay protected until 99 years of age

Yes! We offer life insurance that secures your life until 99 years of age. If your family is in the risk of financial loss that goes the time of your life, your term plan will cover the tax burdens of your estate.

Return of Premium

It is the biggest benefit of life insurance. Return of Premium Life insurance reimburses you for all the premiums that you've paid, if you're still alive after the term of your policy is up.

Secure your child future

If you purchase a life insurance policy & agree to pay a monthly premium to maintain your coverage. If you die the insurance company will pay the death benefit to the person or people you have named as the beneficiaries for the coverage.

Joint Life Options

This service covers two individuals. It is the responsibility of both insured pears over a fixed time period, and the payout is on a first-death basis. If one of the policyholders passes away then the assured amount will be given to the other policyholder

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What is life Insurance?

In simple terms Life Insurance is used to describe a promise of financial value to the life insurance provider and the purchaser of the life insurance policy or known as the policy holder. According to the agreement that the policyholder makes, the insurance company pays a reasonable premium, which is a fixed amount and for a specific number of time and this term is known as policy term.

In between the period under some circumstances that an unfortunate incident occurs where the policyholder is killed or loses their life or becomes permanently disabled, the business will fulfill its obligation by paying the family of the policyholder an agreed-upon sum known as 'Sum Assured'. The money helps the family continue with their lives even in absence of the insurance policyholder's income. In certain policies, the amount referred to as Maturity benefit is paid out at the expiration of the policy.


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